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This is the qwirky homepage of Chris Wilson. E-mail me at: web@qwirx.com.


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  • DeCSS and LiViD (Linux Video)
  • Piper: a SOCKS manipulation tool for Linux
  • I work full time for Aptivate, since 1st July 2004. We are developing appropriate ICTs to make a difference in developing countries.

    In my spare time I like to work on open source software. Some of my projects have web pages, listed below.


    Boxi is a free backup component for Windows and Linux. It backs up over the Internet, without disks or tapes, is fast and efficient, and protects your data on the server and in transit with strong encryption so that even the server owner can't read it. For more information, please see the Boxi project home page at http://boxi.sourceforge.net.

    Lexical Analysis

    Lex is a project to develop linguistic tools for RRG analysis of the Hebrew old testament. The code is open source (GPL license) and can be found at http://rrg.qwirx.com/trac/lex. Unfortunately the Hebrew data is not open source, but you can try it out on Genesis 1-3.

    PIC Software

    This is a Linux port of David Tait's PP software for programming Arizona Microchip PICs (specifically the 16x84 model). The hardware needed is either a Tait-style programmer, or the AN589 support which I have added to this version and submitted to David Tait. Documentation is included which describes how to build the necessary hardware.

    Supported hardware:


    Please read the README file before using this program.

    You can get the Linux source code here:

    The LSM (Linux Software Map) entry is here.

    More links:

    Modem Stuff

    Pace, an old friend from the BBC Micro days and the last remaining British modem manufacturer, has gone bust. Infoserve.com has the cheek to charge £10 for access to Pace drivers. Well, not any longer. Here they are:

    Music Industry Rants


    A tool for manipulating SOCKS servers

    From the LSM entry:

    This program allows one to test various functions of servers which implement the SOCKS5 protocol (see http://www.socks.nec.com/). Functions include: The SOCKS protocol is described in RFC 1928.


    Other Stuff

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